Just Ask Mia: Fashion, friendship & balancing school

By Mia J.

Mia, I was wondering if I could just ask you a question? Do you have any tips for dealing with school and home balance! Thanks you always have such great tips! – Anonymous

Have a list of things you plan on getting done during the free periods you have, factor in any kind of sports practice, and try your best to not procrastinate, I myself have a tendency to do that with bigger assignments.

Hey Mia, what are your tips for dressing for class? You always look so put together! -Anonymous

I plan my outfits ahead of time, but you don’t have to do that. 

Mia! I need your help! My friends stopped talking to me what do I do?  – Anonymous

Think about it this way, if they wanted to they would. Prioritize yourself over others, if they’re not treating you right, bring it up!

Just Ask Mia is a biweekly advice column for SEM students.

Mia J.
Mia J.

Mia is a sophomore at SEM, she is interested in journalism and food reviews, and her favorite part about SEM is the close knit community and relationships with teachers.

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