Joining the Team: Alex Skomra

By Elle N.

Alex Skomra was hired as the Summer At SEM camp director a couple of years back, but first had a connection to SEM as the school’s assistant track coach three years ago. Now, she is the beloved director of UGO SEM which is the in school fitness program for students who are not actively involved in a school sport. Many students would agree that UGO SEM with Alex is one of the highlights of simply being a student. From Just Dance (the popular favorite) to basketball, students (and Alex, of course) enjoy a variety of sports and games to be active during the day!

But, how did Alex arrive at SEM? If you ask her, Alex will say, “My mom drew me to SEM.” Nurse Kim stated in an interview how she had always thought Alex would be a great fit to the SEM faculty, especially because she had always wanted to be a physical education teacher. It was just a matter of waiting for the “in.” That “in” ended up being the Summer at SEM camp director position, which Alex recalls as being “collectively really fun.” She specifically loved getting to witness and be a part of the reason(s) why girls choose to come to SEM for high school. Alex is enthusiastic about being the camp director again this upcoming summer and seeing herself continue for many years to come. Alex was also highly drawn to SEM by knowing her love for the small, all girls school experience from previously attending Sacred Heart Academy. As soon as there was a need for a UGO SEM director, Kim and Alex immediately felt as though it was meant to be. Now working together, they have quickly become SEM’s most iconic mother-daughter faculty duo.

As a multi-sport athlete, Alex had always had a particular passion for swimming. As if working together today is not endearing enough, Nurse Kim and Alex shared a significant portion of their swimming careers together, where Alex was coached by her mom from ages six to 18. Following in similar footsteps, Alex became a swim coach “right out of high school,” she said,“I got a job at the Y which is where I swam.” For a while she coached younger kids, but always had an interest in the higher level, more competitive world of high school swimming. For the past four years, Alex has been the coach of Nardin’s swim team. She described how she took the position after it was turned down by a friend who recommended Alex for the job. Slightly uncertain about coaching a rival team to that of SEM’s, the result was an easy transition. “The atmosphere coaching at Nardin is very similar (to SEM) with great kids,” Alex claims. While coaching for opposing teams, Alex and her mom have experienced a sense of friendly competition that is more fun and exciting than anything else.

At SEM, Alex loves the familiarity of the school after attending a similar environment for high school. She most definitely highly enjoys working at the school and getting to share the fun of UGO SEM classes with the students. When asked what her favorite activity to do with her classes, she stated, “I love when we play Just Dance.” However, she is also always down for “a good game of Knock-Out if people want to play.” Additionally, she enjoys badminton, having played on a team in the past.

Working together has undoubtedly been a unique and delightful experience for both SEM Skomra swimmers. Alex described working with her mom as “really cool.” The pair gets to eat lunch together everyday, visit one another, and help each other out often. Having a close relationship with her mom her whole life, Alex continued that, “we always got along so it is very fun.” Oftentimes, during her breaks, Alex will visit Nurse Kim in her office. And other times, Nurse Kim will visit Alex during UGO SEM to say “hi.” Buffalo Seminary is so fortunate to have two such positive attributes to the community who are part of the reason students and faculty love coming to SEM. This mother-daughter duo is beyond appreciated at the school and simply fun to have around in the building. The story of SEM’s Skomra swimmers continues as they coach, work, and thrive side by side each day.

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