Takeaways from the Play: The SEM Theatre Community

By Maisy F.

The cast and crew of The Illustrated Bradbury.

Every fall and spring, Buffalo Seminary Theatre puts on a production for everyone to come and see. This fall, they put on the play The Illustrated Bradbury by Ray Bradbury; but what the audience didn’t see was the weeks of work and dedication the cast and crew had to put on this show, the behind the scenes of an average show at SEM, and how the theatre department at SEM affects the cast and crew. 

Nadia ’25, was the stage manager for this production, and says that her main takeaway is that she has, “Certainly grown more confident, developed leadership skills these past three plays, and made friendships I could not have had without theater.” The community is the main aspect of SEM Theatre that stands out, with the amazing ability to put on a performance where students have the opportunity to take initiative and lead, of course under the guidance of the director and theater teacher Ms. Susan Drozd, who encourages this independence within each show. Bela ’23, the dramaturg and playbill creator, adds, “It has definitely made me appreciate the performing arts more. It has made me more inclined to go and see shows and to want to participate in shows when I’m in college.” This is definitely a shared takeaway with the majority of the theater community at SEM, with numerous opportunities to watch local shows providing an experience and knowledge of theater outside of the school. 

Nadia adds, “SEM Theatre has really affected my outlook on performing arts because I got to see how much really goes into making live art so amazing, and I have learned to appreciate it even more.” The appreciation for theater extends past the cast and crew, but to anyone who comes to see each show. The growth each student leaves with is something that they will carry with them long after each show, Bela says, “I have learned to be a much more go-with-the-flow kind of person, and have been able to challenge my artistic abilities a lot. It’s made me more comfortable in creating art and showing it to other people.” One thing about the SEM Theatre community is that everyone is always ready for any challenge that comes their way, leaving each show with an overwhelming gain of confidence and problem-solving abilities. 

In my experience, SEM Theatre has taught me to ask for help when I need it. Being the assistant stage manager for The Illustrated Bradbury has shown me how and when to take initiative, allowing me to solve problems thoroughly and efficiently, whether it’s during a performance or at rehearsal. It has made me appreciate every step of putting on a show, despite how trivial some tasks may seem.

The SEM Theatre community has certainly taught me, as well as my peers, the significance of performing arts, and the beneficial traits that come with it.

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