The Magic of SEM’s Music Collective

Members of the Music Collective perform in the Atrium for an impromptu song during lunch for the SEM community.

By Grace D.

“Music is empowering, music heals, it is the closest thing to magic.” That is what Mr. Mank said, talking about the SEM Music Collective, the club he created and supervises. The Music Collective has performed for the SEM community during Hanging of the Greens, morning meetings, and also in the Atrium for an impromptu performance or two. 

Mr. Mank created the club while working at the Tapestry Charter High School, before coming to SEM. There, the club consisted of students making digital music and sharing it on a website platform. Here at SEM, his idea for the club grew and evolved into what it is today; a club where people can share the music they love to create with the SEM community. 

Mr. Mank’s inspiration to start the Music Collective was drawn from his own love of music and his hope to give students the opportunity to learn and perform music in an environment that fosters all genres of music. He hopes to inspire students to find their musical passions. “I thought the music collective would be a way for students with non-traditional music paths to perform and collaborate,” said Mr. Mank.

The club is student run, led by sophomore Jo Anderson. The purpose of the club is to offer a space for SEM students to collaborate on various music experiences. It offers a safe place to perform, experiment, and further explore students’ passion for music. Meetings start off with discussing which instruments members play. Then they share the types of music they enjoy and would want to share with the community. From there, students choose what songs they would like to perform. Members then collaborate on the show, if they need someone to play piano, or a singer, members then organize for their performance. 

When Jo was asked what it was like to be in the Music Collective and perform in front of the school she said, “even though it seemed to me to be a pretty big deal to get up in front of everyone and put yourself out there, they all did it like they didn’t have a care in the world… I especially love seeing the smiles on their faces when they finish their performances and feel proud of themselves.” She accounts a performance she did with her sister last year as being the performance that truly made her fall in love with performing music. 

Sharing music is a great way to make someone’s day or even bring a smile to someone’s face. Not only does music bring joy to the listeners but also to the performers, who love to share their musical talents. That is the true purpose of the Music Collective here at SEM. 

Jo encourages all students to join the collective: “to any students who want to join Music Collective, I encourage you to put yourself out there, SEM is one of the most encouraging communities I’ve ever been a part of. Everyone here wants you to succeed, and they will pick you up if you fall.”

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